µSmart barometric pressure sensors
· Powder coated aluminium body
· Fully sealed
· High durability cable
Measurement range:

Operational range:
1.0 volt/m 3 km, 0.3 volts/m 10 km, 0.1 volts/m >30 km

-20°C to +60°C 0% to 100%RH
Output options: · Monibus serial data ASCII format
· Voltage 0-1, 0-2.5 volts, 0-5 volts, 0-10 volts
· 4-20mA       · Frequency TTL pulse 2-10 Hz
Power Supply:
Supply current:
6-28 Vdc unregulated - some output options require > 12Vdc
1.2 mA active 0.5 mA economy mode
Sensor weight: 250 grams
Dimensions: Height – 170 mm x 25 mm Ř, antenna 900mm
Mounting: 25 mm Ř
Cable Details: Standard product has 4m of cable - other cable lengths may be ordered
Warranty: 12 months - full details can be found in the Monitor Sensors standard warranty document http://www.monitorsensors.com/docs/std_warranty.pdf
Pricing: contact sales@monitorsensors.com
The µSMART Lightning Strike sensor counts lightning strikes by detecting electrical fields with signal
strength greater than the factory set threshold voltage. An early warning of impending lightning activity
allows sensitive equipment to be isolated from mains power or the controlled shut down of a plant or
dangerous operation.
The sensor Monibus interface allows the user to modify the sensor operation through the built-in
sensor menus. The sensor incorporates a microprocessor to provide accurate, repeatable readings
and to allow optional analogue outputs. The robust mechanical design ensures a long operational life