Rain Sentry pump controller
RG2 rain gauge required
Adjustable rainfall rates & delays
low power consumption
1A NO/NC voltage free contacts
Optional flashing beacon and/or piezo alarm
The Monitor Sensors Rainfall Sentry Pump Controller monitors the rainfall and operates an alarm relay when a programmable amount of rain falls within a programmable period of time. The relay is released after a second programmable period of time has elapsed. This second period of time may be extended, if desired, by further rainfall. The operator may also program the amount of this additional rain, and the extended time period. A SPDT 1 Amp  relay provides volatge free contacts to operate external equipment. An external heavy duty relay or contactor is required to control a pump motor.
Specifications: Powder coated aluminium case
Measurement range:
Operational range:
0.2 720 mm per hour
2%, 1 tip per rainfall event
-20C to +60C 0% to 100%RH
Output options: Monibus serial data ASCII format
1 Amp SPDT voltage free contacts
Power Supply:
Supply current:
12-28 Vdc unregulated
6.2 mA active
Sensor weight: xxx grams
Dimensions: 150 W  x 300 L x 80 H mm
Mounting: 4 x 6 mm holes in flange
Cable Details: Standard product has 4 m of cable to the rain gauge - other cable lengths may be ordered
Warranty: 12 months - full details can be found in the Monitor Sensors standard warranty document http://www.monitorsensors.com/docs/std_warranty.pdf
Pricing: contact sales@monitorsensors.com
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