The TS1 temperature sensor is designed to measure ambient temperatures. The sensor tip design ensures the accurate measurement of the media surrounding the tip.The sensor Monibus interface allows the user to modify the sensor operation through the built-in sensor menus.
The sensor incorporates a microprocessor to  provide accurate, repeatable readings and to allow optional analogue outputs.
The robust mechanical design ensures a long operational life.
Stainless Steel body
High durability cable
-40 60 C
0.1C -20 60C 0.2C overall
-20C to +60C 0% to 100%RH
Output options: Monibus serial data ASCII format
Voltage 0-1, 0-2.5 volts, 0-5 volts, 0-10 volts
4-20mA ( requires >12Vdc supply )
Frequency TTL pulse 2-10 Hz
Power Supply:
Supply current:
6-28 Vdc unregulated
1.2 mA active
0.5 mA economy mode
Sensor weight: 250 grams
Dimensions: Overall height - 230 mm x 25 mm
Mounting: 25 mm od.
Cable Details: Standard product has 800 mm of cable - other cable lengths may be ordered
Warranty: 12 months - full details can be found in the
Monitor Sensors standard warranty document
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